It is not really true democracy...Taslima

तसलीमा से बात करना और अरसे बाद उसे फिर से सुनना एक अलग ही मजा और सोचने के लिए मजबूर करता है। जहाँ वह अपने आसपास की घटनाओं पर जमकर बोलती हैं, वहीं भारत, पाकिस्तान, बंगलादेश सहित तुर्की पर भी समान अधिकार और आत्मविश्वास के साथ सिर्फ गरजती ही नही बरसती भी हैं। अमेरिका के खिलाफ मुहँ खोलने में भी तसलीमा को गुरेज नही है। लोकतंत्र की जम कर वकालत करती हैं। गुजरे हुए पल को याद करती है। लज्जा और द्विखान्दिता पर भी बात करती हैं.

मुझसे करीब पौने घंटे बात हुई थी। करीब पन्द्रह सवाल पूछने का मौका मिला था। और जबाब भी मुझे मिला था। मजेदार बातें हुई थी। इंटरव्यू के बाद हंसी के फव्वारे भी छूटे थे। क्यों न अंगरेजी में हुई बातचीत को पढा जाय।

बताते चलूं मेरे अंगरेजी उतनी achchhee नही है, इस कारन जहाँ गलती हो, सही कर पढ़ने का कष्ट करेंगे...विनीत उत्पल

It is not really true democracy...Taslima

What you feel in India?

I feel good.

What is the best thing in India, which you like most?

The best thing....People.

There are several muslim countries in world, where is no democracy, as well as in Bangladesh. What you think about that?

First off all, we see lack of democracy in many countries wherever the countries colonial by British or imperialist or there are new democracy. So, Pakistan is democracy, Bangladesh is democracy and some other countries like Indonesia, Maleyasia and Algeria, Tunesia, Turkey. There is democracy. We have democracy. But, some of the Arabic countries not yet democractic. Because, they have monarchy and still country monarchy. Many political reason for that....
Suppose, Saudi Arabia, Monarchy is encouraged by super power America. It is the American interest that not to encourage for democracy in the middle east because of the oil interest. They want to become puppets, who are American puppets in the middle east countries. So, the people who are fighting for democracy are, their struggle, their fight, their movements normally crashed by America. You know the history. So, there are countries, suppose Bangladesh. the people who believe in democracy have been fighting for the real democracy. This is democracy, but this is new democracy, in Bangladesh. So, it is not really true democracy.

What is wrong in Bangladesh?

Wrong means?

You have no security in Bangladesh since ten years...

yah, it happens in so many countries. But this is discourage now in the country. Government kills the people, who ever suppose the movement. They torture their opponents.

You have written 'Lazza', people about Bangladesh. Is there democracy...

It has democracy. Why are you saying, Bangladesh is no democractic.

But, then why you have no security to your life in Bangladseh?

It happens. You know America is democracy. Ok...But how many people have the freedom to speak...You know, no people have the right to write or speak against war... So, you not find any country real democracy. No where. Everywhere some restrictions.

Is it India too?

India is the largest democracy in the world. But you too, find lots of problems. You look my book called 'Dwikhandita' is banned by West Bangal government.

...Only West Bangal government?

No, not only West Bangal government, it is applied all over India. So, it is not democracy. Democracy means you have freedom of expression. You have the freedom to write if it is real democracy. Look at muslims in India. They don't have the rights to live as a human beings...is not real democracy. Book is banned, people are tortured.

What you feel on Gujarat riots?

I criticised all kind of riots, all kind of hatred. Because, I consider everybody as a human being, wharever their gender or religion. I defend minority, when Hindus oppressed in Bangladesh. I defand muslims, I defand Christian in Pakistan...So, I believe in humanism. I am a secular humanist, whatever people are oppresser. I am against any kind of harted or violence. People should love each other, live together with equality and justice and now there humanity.



जेपी नारायण said...

तसलीमा जो नहीं बोलती हैं, उसे सुना आपने?

जेपी नारायण said...

तसलीमा जो नहीं बोलती हैं, उसे कभी सुना आपने?

सुनीता शानू said...

अच्छा इंटरव्यू लिया है आपने...
नया साल मुबारक हो आपको...